Session 1 - A Cold Introduction

Session 1
A Cold Introduction

The light snow of the new year fell across the rolling hills near Carden, in the human nation of Trey Vance. It was Taisan 1, the first day of the new year, and five brave souls ventured north in the cold. Leaving their homes, lives, and families behind them, each seeks fortune, glory, or power in their own way. Cold, hungry, and almost broke, their respite ahead, a small town named Carden, offering a humble inn with food and warmth. One by one they entered The Great Oak Inn.

First through the door was the massive Bokantun, a half giant with a large greataxe on his back. A man of few words, Bokantun commands through sheer presence. Ra’Hadoun soon entered, a cloaked man with dark circles around his eyes and dark skin from the desert regions of the world. Vash soon followed, a lithe man with a cocky air and nimble fingers. Falden then entered the Inn and had a seat, an imposing man with dual swords. Finally Aleena entered and took a seat near the fire, her robes frosted with snow glistening in the firelight.

A few games of chance were played in the corner of the inn, food was served and drinks were had. Dalia the innkeeper tended their needs and saw them to their rooms.

All was not well during the night, however, as remote rumbles and thunder awoke them. They could see in the distance a great and fierce battle taking place in the sky. Two figures fought in the cold moonlight of the still night. One of them fell in a great fireball outside of town, and the party was off to investigate.

As the party gathered their winter outfits and made way through the woods outlying the town, they happened upon a pack of starving wolves. With ease they dispatched them and continued on towards the crater. When they arrived they found a fifty foot crater, some parts still on fire, and a man in the center, unconcious. A few dire rats, from a nearby nest had been distrubed and were about to make a quick meal of the man until the party intervened.

As they helped the man they realized he was not human. He spoke to them softly and gave them his name, Samziel. He was also protecting something called the Shakti, which he found was safe in his possession still. Before more pleasantries could ensue, the group was interrupted by a being from the sky. She landed and to the party they could see her lower half was a swirling whirlwind. She claimed to be a hunter and after Samziel, who knew her as Aera. She created four small swirling vortexes, small air alementals, and attacked! Samziel insisted he handle the hunter. The fight was on…



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