Session 2 - Keep it secret, keep it safe.

Session 2
Keep it secret, keep it safe.

As the party took on the air elementals, Aera and Samziel duked it out. While the battle raged the air elementals took their toll on the group, but they were able to overcome them as Samziel and Aera traded blows. Aera summoned a huge vortex that swept up Samziel, but as he was pummelled in the air, he managed to activate some kind of magic item that shot a green ray from his finger, and struck Aera and cut her near in two. As she fell, so too did the vortex and Samziel. Bokantun’s massive frame rushed to catch the falling Samziel and he did painfully.

Laying Samziel down, it was clear his new injuries, compounded with the old were too much. As Aera died she shot a beam of light into the air, a beacon. Samziel explained it was a death flare of the Hunter, and the hunter captain would soon be upon them, the same one he fought with earlier. He handed them the Shakti, a magical glowing orb of power, explained to them their world’s fate hung in the balance and to keep it secret and safe, trust only Frederick the Wizard.

Before they could ask anything more a fireball was spotted in the sky streaking towards them. Fleeing they looked back to see the explosion envelope the crater once more, and Samziel emerged lying next to a large humanoid man with the head of a great stag. His name was Krodha and he was the Hunter captain seeking Samziel. After a conversation, Krodha fired three arrows into Samziels chest and the man fell silent. Luckily, Samziel had previously cast a nondetection spell on the party which enabled them to flee.

Returning to the inn for sleep and to discuss their next move, they realized they would have to find Frederick the Wizard. Try as they might, the next day provided no help, as there was no Frederick the Wizard to be found. They did discover that tomorrow, the third day of the month was Talos’ day of Knowing, where his temple libraries would be open free to the public. They could research more then.

For today they would explore town. Most found day work helping a local businessman, Bridan Frostwick haul gear to his mine only to find out that the mine was taken over by his own hired laborers. After dealing with the business dispute the party ventured into the mine to save the miners. Saving many, they came upon the last chamber where they saw a gruesome scene of mangled bodies and torn flesh. Skeletons has ripped these miners to shreds.

They fought them off and found the source of the undead, a pathway opened in the dark corners of the mine. As they progressed they came to another chamber where they could see a mysterious purple light from across the chamber, and a rushing stream flowing through it. As they moved forward one of the slagmites unfurrled and attacked! A monstrous centipede would have them for dinner…



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