Session 4 - Don't Feed Them After MIdnight

Session 4
Dont Feed Them After Midnight

As the players recuperated from their encounters the night before with the thieves, word spread around town of the burning of the blacksmith’s shop. Blissfully unawares, the PCs headed out for the temple to finally research information on Frederick the Wizard or the Shakti Orb.

When they arrived at the Temple of Thanos’ entrance they were met with a small line, bitter cold, and locked doors. After patiently waiting a few minutes, they decided to gain entrance, through a window. Breaking out the window to the temple they were able to gain entry. The large wooden library was dark and foreboding, lights flickered about randomly, and strange sounds could be heard.

It was not long before the party encountered the tricksters. These small beings played tricks on the party, un-lighting sconces, throwing books, etc. As the party progressed into the temple they met with crude traps like a trap door through the floor, teetering bookcases, and a rope snare. Finally had enough, they managed to capture one of the vile creatures, but it seemed no matter what they tried, luck was not on their side.

Falden was able to search about and find the bound temple staff, and freed them. They alerted him to the gremlin infestation, and told them that Gremlins were corrupted brownies. There was only one brownie left, named Poosha, that aided the PCs in finding a book on brownies and other light fey. Through Poosha’s help and this book, the PCs were able to find the item that was corrupting the brownies, and gather and capture all the gremlins.

Aleena was able to help Poosha perform a ritual to cleanse the corrupted brownies, but in so doing Poosha’s essence was used to revert the fey. In the end the other brownies returned to normal, the PCs were in possession of a very evil black stone, and had even more questions than when they first arrived. Now they just had to spend some time and find out what they needed to know.



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